Himalayan Florica is an idea born and nurtured in Hills of Darjeeling, a place known for its variety of life, fruits, vegetables, and flowers. The company was started in 2002 with the vision to promote horticulture farming in India and find marketing opportunities for the wide variety of indigenous fruits, vegetables, and flowers grown in the country. Registered in 2002, Himalayan Florica is a well-established name in the import and export supplier of best quality flower bulbs, high yielding non-GMO vegetable seeds, fruits, young plants, and other planting materials.

Himalayan Florica deals in import and export of flowers, bulbs and vegetable seeds, and young plant, and agriculture-related material supply. We undertake customers’ orders right from wedding planners, corporate events, hotel, tourism, and high-profile state functions. We offer end-to-end flower and ornamental plant solutions for exhibition, events, and planting purpose.

With an industry experience of over 15 years, we have successfully delivered flower and horticulture farming solutions for independent farmers as well as implementing large-scale government projects. Besides operating our own farms in Darjeeling and Himachal Pradesh, we also work with different partners and growers network throughout the cycle of planting, harvesting and meeting supply as demanded by the customers.

Himalayan Florica is proud and honored to have been part of such a wide group of people, everyone trying to make a difference by promoting horticulture as a viable revenue generation for the rural economy. We collaborated with a woman self-help group (SHG) in Mizoram for Lilium plantation, associated with massive tourism projects like the Kashmir Tulip Garden, the largest tulip show in Asia, or the strawberry farms in Meghalaya or Kiwi as alternative farming project Arunachal Pradesh. Our commitment to providing the highest quality resource, competitive pricing, training expertise, and quality management has won us many good friends and supporters in the industry.

We also undertake government projects for implementing large-scale horticulture projects and state departments. We offer end-to-end consultancy and support services – right from sourcing and selection of seeds, technology, plantation, training, and marketing of the final product. Many farmers are also involved with us as contract farms and different buy-back plans under a fair-trade policy.