A Little about your venture Himalayan Florica..

Well, Himalayan Florica deals in import and export of flowers, bulbs and vegetable seeds, and young plant, and agriculture-related material supply.  We undertake customers’ orders right from wedding planners, corporate events, hotel, tourism, and high-profile state functions.  We offer end-to-end flower and ornamental plant solutions for exhibition, events, and planting purpose.

With an industry experience of over 15 years, we have successfully delivered flower and horticulture farming solutions for independent farmers as well as implementing large-scale government projects. Besides operating our own farms in Darjeeling and Himachal Pradesh, we also work with different partners and growers network throughout the cycle of planting, harvesting and meeting supply as demanded by the customers.

How has been your journey in horticulture industry?

For me, the last 15 years in the flower business has been a rollercoaster ride. It is thrilling to have learned so much, traveled so wide, attending so many training, workshops, shows, and exhibitions. We are also humbled to have been part of different Government and social projects impacting the real farmers, people, and places of the region.

Himalayan Florica is proud and honored to have been part of such a wide group of people, everyone trying to make a difference by promoting horticulture as a viable revenue generation for the rural economy. We collaborated with a woman self-help group (SHG) in Mizoram for Lilium plantation, associated with massive tourism projects like the Kashmir Tulip Garden, the largest tulip show in Asia, or the strawberry farms in Meghalaya or Kiwi as alternative farming project Arunachal Pradesh. Our commitment to providing the highest quality resource, competitive pricing, training expertise, and quality management has won us many good friends and supporters in the industry.

Most Important Challenges for Horticulture?

In our experience and what every farmer complains, the biggest challenge to the horticulture industry in the region is the absence of efficient logistic system. Fruits, Flowers, and Vegetables are highly perishable products and require proper handling and efficient logistics system to import and export flowers across India, Europe, US, or anywhere even within the country. A delay of a few hours can cause a huge loss of loss for the farmers, receivers, and most importantly, for the end customers.

“Missing a flower delivery means missing an event because the flowers we are handling is ultimately tied to some important event at some place or somebody’s life.”

Another challenge for the farmers or growers is the lack of market understanding. Often times, after a government implements one program, the farmers are left helpless and struggling to find market and suffering huge losses. An understanding of the market will help to understand the new high-yielding and healthy varieties and their potential returns in the market. With a new focus towards market demands, off seasonal vegetable farming and fruit production can bring high returns for farmers.

While ensuring the quality and grade of our imports is necessary, it is equally important to make sure that the products are the latest in the market. Given the time and efforts required in cultivation and the short lifespan of flower and fresh produces, it is equally important to make sure that the flowers are in demand and our farmers get the best price.

How do you operate and collaborate with growers?

We source our products directly from local farmers ensuring that the farmers receive all benefits of their hard work. We pride ourselves on sustainable and responsible sourcing, with a healthy partnership with growers and customers.

We import flower seeds, bulbs, seedlings and all gardening products for farmers across different regions of India. While importing the products, we ensure that the raw materials are of highest grade and quality to help growers earn maximum profit for their efforts.

Besides supplying the materials, Himalayan Florica is also engaged in training and capacity building of the local growers. Extensive training is provided during every phase of farming to ensure that business becomes viable and effective for the farmers.

We also engaged in training and capacity building of local farming communities, technical support, and marketing advice to sell their produce. As our contribution to the upliftment of farmers at the grassroots, we also associate with various state government horticulture departments to fulfill their requirement such as making polyhouses, greenhouse, supply planting material and arrange marketing and distribution of their products.

Through our continuous efforts to engage with the farming community and promoting produces from the region across the world, Himalayan Florica is today a trusted brand.