Himalayan Florica, in collaboration with the Government of Meghalaya organized a training for about about 15 Strawberry growers from Jaintia Hills. The training cum workshop is being held at NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF POST HARVEST TECHNOLOGY, Pune from September 11 – 15, 2018.

The training focuses on how to effectively implement post-harvest management technology and processes by Strawberry Farms. With Strawberry emerging as an important cash crop in the North-east region, is easy to grow and fetches high price for the farmers. The training also covered end-to-end greenhouse management – right from nursery setup, soil sterilization, plant propagation and multiplication techniques.

Owing to difficult terrains of the region, Post-harvest handling, packaging, and logistics planning remain the most challenging factor in the development of Horticulture sector in North-east. The training focuses on what processes and technologies growers to use during cultivation to ensure that there is minimum wastage, higher-yield and increased profits for the farmers.

Representing Himalayan Florica at the training workshop, Niraj Chhetri states that “the past 3-4 days have been very fruitful and productive for the farmers who have come all the way from Jaintia Hills. Growing strawberry of any other fruits is relatively easy in the NE region given its climatic conditions and soil fertility. However, to make the efforts profitable for the farmer, it is critical to have an effective post-harvest mechanism to ensure higher profits for the workers, and avoid wastage on the ground.”

A grower who was present at the training adds “since we live in far off places and we mostly grow fruits, vegetables, and flowers that are easily perishable, it is important for us to know how to increase longevity of our produces. After this training I understood how important it is to make sure the produces are harvested right, identify and sort produces, and  efficient packaging system. While we farmers are motivated to grow, it would greatly help us if the government builds sorting facilities, storage centers and high-quality packaging techniques in the state. Right now there is lot of wastage and loss we have to incur to transport the produces from the garden to the buyers.”