Kids Planters

Gift your child a kid planter, your child in return will assure you of
prosperity and life in abundance, For they will learn to care!!

Helping Kids Grow the Right Way

Catch them young’ This is the precise idea behind introducing the kid planter’ concept to our children, our ultimate future, Our Mother, Planet Earth is at the brink of losing its pristine self-owing to unfathomable industrialization in pursuit Of higher goals, But we have only one home. Our planet Earth and to save it for coming generations our children must learn to save trees and subsequently plant trees, our ultimate refuge.

Kid planter is therefore an epitomic step for inculcating the habit of growing plants, learning to value the importance of trees ultimatelv leading to true sense of belonging to Mother Nature. Our survival Without plants is beyond imagination.

Kid planter— an approach towards greener Earth, through young mind and soul. Let’s create and preserve our home for generations to come join your step forward with Himalayan Florica in making our Children love to grow plants and trees and enjoy the bliss of Nature, they rightfully deserve.

Reasons why Kids Planter is the best product you’re looking for.

Kid Planter comes with all the necessary tools, but the tools have been specifically modified for your child’s convenience as a part of child development. The tools are of no use if you don’t have plants to work with. So kids planter have bundeled the right plants and herbs to encourage your children into gardening.

Kids planter not only helps with gardening, but also ensures that your children have the space and creativity to work with purpose of physical development is sensory stimulation that can be achieved through gardening. Additonally Studies show when children that are involved in activities like digging and planting, they have improved moods, better learning experiences and decreased anxiety.

Working together on your garden with your children is a moment that you and your child will forever cherish.

Planting garden,seeds and watching them grow give the children a sense of belonging and responsibilty. Most importantly, your child is exposed to the world outside which improve their mental and physical health.