Raspberry Farming in India

Commercial farmers are increasingly taking up Raspberry farming as a viable opportunity, both in India and abroad. Raspberries are small, sweet fruits native to the temperate regions of Northern Hemisphere and widely grown and consumed across the world. One bush of Raspberry can produce several hundred berries per season and will start producing fruit a year after planting.

Raspberries can be grown wide range of climatic conditions. However, they thrive best in cooler climates. They can tolerate some shade, but grow best in full sun. The climatic conditions of the Northeast India, Darjeeling and adjoining Himalayan regions are suitable for production of high-quality raspberries.

Raspberry Opportunities in India

Raspberry crops best thrive in rich soils from sandy loams to silt with good water drainage. The plants prefer soil pH between 6.00 to 7.00 for best yield. Organic matter can be used to make the soil rich.

Fresh raspberries are excellent source of vitamin-C to strengthen the immune system and helps fight diseases, infections, and are also excellent source of fiber. The antioxidants and ellagic acid in raspberries can keep the skin healthy and are great for treating inflammation and skin redness skin.

Raspberry Farming Opportunities in India
Raspberry Farming Opportunities in India – Himalayan Florica

The berries can be processed into frozen fruit, puree, juice, jams, or as sun-dried and used in different culinary products.

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