Blueberry Farming in Himalayan region

Blueberry is one of the most popular and expensive health food with high demand in the US, Europe, and a growing market in India. Blueberry is known for its low-calorie and high anti-oxidants properties that help to build protective effects against cancer, heart diseases, and vitalize brain health. Blueberries contain compounds called Anthocyanins, that delay ageing, helps to repair DNA damage and improves blood pressure and boost memory power.

The blueberry market grows every year and the demands have increased tremendously, particularly in the US, Europe, Middle East countries. In India, Blueberries farming has enormous growth potential as the demand is increasing rapidly. Progressive farmers in small pockets are reaping good profits from Blueberry farming in Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Jammu-Kashmir. With the market still in its nascent stage, the opportunities for Blueberry farming is a goldmine opportunity.

Blueberry Farming India

Blueberry fruits take from six-eight weeks from flowering to maturity and a fully grown plant of high bush type can produce 4 to 5 kg fruit. The blueberry bush has an orchard life of 20 years which promises long-term profitability.

Blueberry plants require acidic soils with a pH value of 4.2 to 5 and not exceed 5.5 at all. Besides the pH level, Blueberry plants need moisture and should never become dry.

Another important consideration is the choice of right variety of plants. We can help you make a good selection of bush variety to suit the soil and climatic conditions of your farming location.

Blueberry Farming India

Blueberry farming is mostly done in cold climates as the bushes needs chilling. The Himalayan region including Northeast India, Darjeeling, Nepal, and Bhutan offer excellent opportunities for farmers in Blueberry farming. Having successfully implemented multiple commercial farming projects and, we at Himalayan Florica can offer you end-to-end solutions in developing and implementing medium/large-scale blueberry farming projects – right from preparation of soil to selection of bushes, and post-harvest market linkages.

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